Some items on our store are sold with the dropshipping formula. This type of sale is made when dealing with non-European production products such as bicycles or electric scooters for which, due to the very high taxation imposed by the EC and the continuous fluctuations of the DOLLAR-EURO exchange rate, it would not be commercially and economically advantageous. storing them in our warehouse therefore our company is a partner of the most important marketplaces which will ship the items you ordered directly to your home and ALWAYS FROM WAREHOUSES LOCATED IN EUROPE therefore without any fear of having to pay, at the time of delivery, VAT and customs duties. IT IS UNDERSTANDED THAT YOU BUY FROM US AND YOU WILL BE GUARANTEED FROM US. If the item you purchased should malfunction during (but also after) the warranty period, you must ship it to US and not in China or in any other country the third-party seller officially resides. Many people are attracted by the low costs of products manufactured in China and sold on Amazon, Gearbest, Wish, Aliexpres etc etc without considering that, even if the item purchased for example on Amazon is shipped from one of the European depots in case of return under warranty if the seller has registered its main office in China, this is where the item to be repaired or replaced will have to be sent, at its own expense.